About Us

We don't know if you are going to read this section, but if you do, here is what you need to know.

www.instantsolutions.co is powered by HQC Trade and Consulting Group.Co Ltd., established in  British Virgin Island in 2007.

Instant Solutions exists for a few reasons:

  1. Simplifying your internet marketing business life;
  2. Being affordable and making you save 1000's of dollars, euros every year on your internet marketing budget, when compared to the services provided by the other major companies;
  3. Making you, your business look awesome and professional "instantly";
  4. Providing solutions for your internet marketing needs that are as much as possible "instantaneous".
    By "instantaneous", we mean technological solutions that don't require technological, coding and so on expertises from your side.
    And so, you can produce yourself what you need without a long learning curve, without the help of professional internet technologies developpers.
    We also mean - concerning video related services - professional level end-result that don't require from us weeks to produce.
  5. The last and not the least reason: the 2008 financial crisis that shaked the world still has obvious, visible impacts in the life of 100's of millions (if not billions) of people in the world. This crisis ruined the efforts of a whole life of millions of families, entrepreneurs worldwide, throw them to the street and to poverty. From our point of view, this is a major crime against humanity. When the life, the future, the ambitions of people is stolen by the consequences of a system, by the decisions and actions of few ones (who gain so much to the detriment of others), when people are left disempowered, we can't help calling this a major crime against humanity. The legal systems may one day change its perspectives on this financial crisis and the coming ones, and do someting appropriate.
    Meanwhile, we decide,

    1. as we are deeply moved by the ideal of "people should be able to move freely in their life, and should be able to do what is necessary to make things happen",
    2. and because in this technological world there are ways to cut costs,
      to find ways and produce the means to empower people - who want to be the entrepreneur of their life, through building a business.

The company continuously aims to set new standards  based on its users’ needs.