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GRAB, KEEP & CONVERT the attention in secondseven on a short budget!

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The Golden Age of Video

You already know that video is the future of marketing.


It accounts for 57% of all consumer internet traffic… and that’ll be 79% inside 2 years.

(That’s almost 4 out of every 5 buyers coming through video).


Using videos on your landing pages increases conversions by 80%.


64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

But here’s the thing: everyone else knows video is the future of marketing as well.

And that means the competition is HUGEVideo alone won’t give you an advantage.

It’s time you get an upgrade!

Video May Be The Future Of Marketing…
But This Is The Future Of Video!

Want to hear something scary?

There’s over 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE!

These days, just having a video won’t make you stand out.

Your videos have to be OUTSTANDING
if you want to get any attention...

"Tough love time"

It doesn’t matter how good your content is.

It doesn’t matter how clever your sales video is.

If you’re not putting out jaw-dropping videos, with pro-quality effects,
then you’re dead in the water when it comes to video-marketing.

You’ll never get the attention you deserve.
And without attention, you’ll never get ACTION!

That’s why the strong brands are all using animations.

Because with special effects like that, your videos do what you NEED them to do:

circles convert attention

Now You Can Make Any Video
Grab, Keep & Convert Attention


How does it work?

Step 1


Step 2



Step 3

Email us
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Step 4

We build

Step 5

We email you

your video (mp4 file)

What do I get?
What Benefits for MY Business?


No Watermark

It’s your video, it’s your logo,
it’s your profits.


MP4 Format

All your animations in mp4 file format… so you can use them with any video editor, and any web platform with absolute confidence.


Unlimited Usage Rights

Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to use in as many videos as you like.

Instant Video Branding DNA

Instant Branding & Authority Engine

Abstract Polygon Logo

Bouncy Logo

Drone Messenger Logo

Energy Particles Logo

Geometric Rising Logo

Paint Splash Logo

Shards Logo

Spheric Ribbon Logo

Supernova Energy Logo

Triangle Shutter Logo

Black & White Logo

Cube Logo

Equalizer Logo

Exploded Ball Logo

Grains Logo

Pixel Logo

Smoky Trail Logo

Spiral Horizontal Logo

Swirl Up Logo

Twitchy 3D Mesh Logo

Water (Liquid) Splash Logo

Book Logo

Cube Puzzle Logo

Energy Blast Logo

Exploded Box Logo

Holo SciFi Logo

Sketch Paint Logo

Space Assembly Logo

Spiral Up Logo

Theater Logo

Wall Breaker Logo


Babyhood Logo

Furniture Logo

Delicacy Logo

Party Gift Logo

Laptop Logo

Pets Logo

Premium 3D Intro Animations (HD 1920 x 1080)


Birthday Cake

Neon Text

Search Engine

Balloon One Line

Book Text & Logo

Planet Earth

Shiny Object

Balloon Two Line

Colorful Title

Robot Droïd

Tutorial Intro


Android App'

Ipad App'

Iphone App' 01

Iphone App' 02

Premium  3D Call to Action Animations (HD 1920x1080)

Arrows Outro

Led Arrows - Down

Led Arrows - Up & Down

Cube Outro

Led Arrows - Left & Down

Neon Outro

Textfall Outro

High Tech Arrow Outro

Led Arrows - Right & Down

Newsletter Outro

Premium 3D Social Media Animations (HD 1920 x1080)

 Floating - Facebook Icon

Floating - LinkedIn Icon

Floating - Vimeo Icon

Floating - Google + Icon 

Floating - Pinterest Icon

Floating - Youtube Icon

Floating - Instagram Icon 

Floating - Twitter Icon 

Dice - LinkedIn Icon

Dice - Youtube Icon

Dice - Google+ Icon

Dice - Facebook Icon

Twiter outro

Premium Slideshow Animations (HD 1920 x1080)

Corporate Slideshow

Rolling Slideshow

Rolling Slideshow


Let's face it, with our templates and possible customizations there are litteraly 100's of possibilities.

However, we believe you are like us: you like when it's simple!

So we decided to make only 2 different prices:

either you want an animation with a soundtrack or without!

It's that simple!

Buying more than ONE !

After clicking the "Buy Now" button, you'll be redirected to a secured payment page.
On this page you can order several video animations.

What kind of SOUNDTRACK?

We offer you the possibility to add a soundtrack to your premium video animations, as presented in this website.
We use royalties free soundtracks.
It's not because they are "royalties free" that they are free!
We have a commercial use right for these soundtracks.
So you will never have any legal issues by using them for your professional purpose.

How to customize the video animations templates to suit my needs? 

Any video animation

without soundtrack

only 67 €

Any video animation

with royalties free soundtrack

only 77 €


What do I really buy?

Thank you for asking! That's a great question that requires a straightforward answer!

You buy a Video Branding Service (the design, the production and the delivery) & Products (the videos themselves).
And in everyday words, it means that you don't simply buy a video, neither a long video, or a short video.

You buy a resource to help you:
- to make a first great impression in just a few seconds,
- to retain the attention of your videos viewers,
- to be memorable,
- to project professionalism,
- to engage them to act - you tell them what they should do next,
- to build authority,
- to build an identity,
- to build a brand.

Are there any watermark?

No! This is not a cheap service that has the goal to transform your video intros/outros/animations into an advertisement for our service.
We want YOU make a STUNNING IMPRESSION, not us through you.

After purchasing, do I own the videos?


Can I do whatever I want with the videos?

Absolutely! In the limit of what you can do with a video.
The videos won't do your washing-up!  😉

Will This Work On Mobile Devices?

Yes! Why not? If you use the videos on a mobile friendly website (such as youtube for example) then it will work great!

Can I resell the videos to my customers?

Yes! You can see us as your business partner, and outsource to us the Video Branding!

What is the email address where I send you my specifications and images?

After purchasing, you'll be automatically redirected to another page. There we'll give you our direct support email address.